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Pennies 2 Property Conference

March 21th - 23rd
Chicago, IL

The Only Conference That Prepares You To Purchase Properties For As Little as $500 With No Credit Or No Experience

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Turning Your Pennies Into Properties​

Welcome to the "Pennies 2 Property" Conference, a groundbreaking event that caters to both new and seasoned investors seeking to diversify and deepen their real estate knowledge.

This conference is a unique convergence point for learning, networking, and hands-on experience, offering insights into various facets of real estate, including the nuanced world of tax liens and deeds. 

Results From Our Students​

Check Out These Incredible Numbers​


Properties Purchased


Property Values (ARV)


Cashflow Generated Purchased

Pennies 2 Property 
3 Day Event​

March 21st - 23rd

Thursday - Meet & Greet​

  • All Black Business Casual Welcome Reception and Networking Party​

Friday - The Foundations:​

  • Welcome and House Keeping
  • ​Tax Lien Jeopardy
  • ​Finding the Property That's Right For You
  • ​Understanding the Legal Process
  • ​Estimating Tax Sale Rehabilitation Costs
  • ​Mock Auction
  • ​Buying Properties With Your Retirement Plan
  • ​Midnight Madness

Saturday - Real-World Application​

  • Real Estate Tour/Virtual Tour
  • ​Becoming Your Own Real Estate Bank
  • ​The In's and Outs of Private Lending
  • ​Leveraging Business Credit to Buy Real Estate
  • ​Putting It All Together

Min. George M. Howard Jr.​

  • George M. Howard Jr., globally recognized as the foremost authority in tax deeds and liens.​​
  • In the span of eight years, under his guidance, Financial Moses has acquired more than 150 properties through strategic tax lien and deed investments.​
  • ​Transformed from a state of homelessness to amassing a real estate empire valued at over $15 million, with an average property value of $100,000.​
  • ​Began his extraordinary real estate voyage with a modest investment of $300 in tax liens and deeds, leading to continuous growth and success.​
  • ​Achieves an exceptional average cash on cash return of over 200% in the first year, with some instances soaring to an astounding 1500%.​
  • ​Under his tutelage at Financial Freedom University, Be Free University, and Seed Financial Group, his students have successfully acquired over 3000 properties via tax deed and lien methods for and estimated property value total of over $300,000,000.​

Min. George M. Howard Jr.
Financial Moses​

2024 Key Note Speakers​

Flame Newton

Business Credit​

Amos Howard

Becoming Your Own Bank

Kelsey Dineen 

Self Directed IRA

Don Guernsey

Lake County Auctioneer

Mike Kvachkoff

Real Estate Attorney

Al Watson

Private Lender

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Learning Through Action:
Experience Real Estate Education Like Never Before!​

The "Pennies 2 Property" conference is designed to be a dynamic, hands-on experience, far removed from the traditional, passive learning environment of most conferences. We understand that real estate investment is best learned through practical, real-world application. That's why our conference emphasizes interactive sessions where attendees don't just sit and listen but actively engage in the process.

From participating in live property evaluations to joining real estate tours, our attendees gain practical experience that they can immediately apply to their own investment journeys. We take it a step further with our special focus on the Lake County Indiana auction, offering a live, immersive experience in auction preparation and strategy.

This direct involvement ensures that every participant leaves not just with knowledge, but with real-life skills and experiences that are directly applicable to their investment goals. Our approach is about empowering you to confidently take action, providing a tangible, real-world foundation upon which you can build your property empire.

The Best Tax Lien Conference On The Planet
Here From Previous Attendees​

Clarence Miller​
Alissia Stewert​
Lisa Thorpe​
Lisa Thorpe​
Brenda Morris​
Rose Fisher​
Derrick Johnson​
Emel Baddy​
Delia Mcgivary​
Shaquira Williams​
Michael and Khalilah​
Sherry Jones Quashie​

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Experience Tax Lien Investing Up Close​

Hands-On Real Estate Learning Awaits You!​

  • Invest in Properties with Minimal Capital: Learn strategies to start investing in real estate with as little as $500, making property investment accessible to everyone.​
  • Hands-On Learning Experience: Engage in practical sessions and real estate tours, offering a hands-on approach to understanding the market.​
  • Diverse Investment Strategies: Discover a range of investment strategies including residential, commercial real estate, and tax lien auctions.​
  • ​Actionable Content: Gain actionable knowledge and tools that you can immediately apply to start or grow your real estate portfolio.​
  • ​Exclusive Resource Access: Receive comprehensive materials, including workbooks and replays of sessions, to continue your learning journey post-conference.​
  • ​Financial Empowerment: Learn about leveraging business credit, IRAs, and private lending to empower your financial independence through real estate.​

A Few Properties Purchased for Pennies

Properties Purchased for the Amount Below
Purchased Amount $26,000 | Estimated Values $1,750,000

Purchased For $500
Value $100,000

Purchased For $4,500
Value $105,000

Purchased For $5,000
Value $125,000

Purchased For $300
Value $120,000

Purchased For $1,200
Value $60,000

Purchased For $1,600
Value $80,000

Purchased For $2,500
Value $110,000

Purchased For $2,500
Value $225,000

Purchased For $300
Value $105,000

Purchased For $4,500
Value $200,000

Purchased For $1,500
Value $210,000

Purchased For $500
Value $90,000

Purchased For 500
Value $60,000

Purchased For $500
Value $80,000

Purchased For $500
Value $80,000

Pricing Packages​ 

25% OFF Clock Strikes 0


Building Real Estate Empires​

 Our course has empowered more individuals to buy affordable properties than any other program in its niche. It’s not just a course; it’s a gateway to building your real estate empire.

Start your journey to real estate mastery today with ‘Building Real Estate Empires – With Tax Liens and Deeds’. It’s more than a course; it’s your roadmap to building lasting wealth in real estate.

Transform Your Life In Just 8 Hours​

  • Transform Your Life in 8 Hour Over 8 Weeks: Where else can you radically change your financial future in such a short period? Our course is more than an education; it's a life-altering journey.​Feature: Explain the benefit of your products
  • 15 Minutes a Day: That's all it takes. Commit just a quarter-hour daily, and in 8 weeks, you'll have mastered the art of tax lien and deed investing.​
  • ​Interactive Guides: Dive into each topic with engaging, hands-on learning tools designed to make complex concepts easy and enjoyable.​
  • ​Knowledge-Testing Quizzes: At the end of each module, a quiz awaits to help reinforce your learning and gauge your understanding.​
  • ​Quality Content: We pride ourselves on delivering content that's not only informative but also extremely well-structured for optimal learning and retention.​

A Conversational Approach to Learning - No More Dull PowerPoints​

Forget the monotonous slideshows! Our course is a breath of fresh air. Imagine sitting down for a casual, yet insightful conversation with Mr. Howard, fondly known as the ‘Financial Moses.’ Each lesson is crafted to feel like a personal, one-on-one discussion about the nuances of real estate and tax lien investing. This approach ensures you’re not just learning; you’re enjoying the journey of education.

Join us in ‘Building Real Estate Empires’ and embark on a path to financial success, with lessons that stick and skills that pay off. Transform your future in real estate, starting with just 15 minutes a day.
  • Simplicity at Its Core: We break down the intricate world of tax liens and deeds into easy-to-understand, manageable segments. No jargon, no unnecessary fluff.​Feature: Explain the benefit of your products
  • Efficiency for the Busy Learner: Our modules are concise yet comprehensive, designed to deliver maximum value in minimal time.​
  • ​Proven Strategies for Real Success: Learn from real-life examples and proven strategies that have helped countless others secure properties at unbelievable prices.​

Palmer House Hotel

17 East Monroe Street 
Chicago, Illinois 60603 

Room Rate $212 | Group Rate $169

Hotel Lobby

Hotel Heart of Michigan Ave. 

Hotel Fitness Center

Single Room

Double Room

Platinum Tour Bus

Conference Room

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